The CEOs Nootropic. Alpha GPC – the most effective smart drug

The CEOs Nootropic. Alpha GPC – the most effective smart drug

Elliot L'Angelier Feb 5, 2019 3 comments

What is Alpha GPC?

Alpha GPC is a natural Choline supplement many people call “brain fuel.” It can boost our dopamine levels, mental energy, mental performance, and it also improves memory. I have wanted to try this nootropic for a long time, and I finally did in January of 2019. 

Honestly, I couldn’t believe how strong the effects were. Currently, this supplement is my all-time favorite compound and beats others like Provigil and Modafinil that require prescriptions. 

The way Alpha GPC works is it protects the neurons and provides smooth signal transmission between brain cells. It’s generally recognized as safe, and there are no side effects. However, it is not recommended if you are using other medications or pregnant/nursing.

The recommended dose from the supplier is two 300mg pills per day, but I don’t think I will ever take this much. If I did I’d probably join the UFC, fight Floyd Mayweather and apply for the army—all on the same day, of course. 

It’s very potent and starts working almost immediately—I felt it after less than 30 minutes. One dose of 300mg was more than enough for me (I weigh 70kg), and this smart drug did not disappoint. 

How does it feel?

Surprisingly, this nootropic not only made me way more focused than usual, but it also gave me a boost in my physical energy—something I did not expect. I felt as I can’t stop working and I was completing one task after another. 

When I tried Alpha GPC for a second time (one pill of 300mg), I cleaned my house, wrote this blog post, answered a dozen emails, and most importantly managed to pack all my possessions since we were moving to a new place at the time. I didn’t feel any fatigue and actually enjoyed the process.     

Something else I noticed was that I was much more engaged when I was having a conversation with somebody. The supplement helped me to stay on the subject, forget about multitasking and give all my attention to the person I was talking to. 

Procrastination killer


Sometimes when we have a lot of tasks on our to-do list, we can feel overwhelmed and worry we have too much work and not enough time. A lot of people tend to procrastinate and finish their work at the last minute, and it’s never easy to fight this. 

I have found that Alpha GPC helps to eliminate those feelings and completely remove any stress about schedules, deadlines or the quality of your work. It just makes you do the work without any second thoughts which I consider exceptionally valuable. 

Alpha GPC is like switching from a crappy Wi-Fi, to a one thousand megabit network with no latency. This may seem like a silly analogy, but it’s how I feel when I take one of these pills. I can do the work without it, but it’s going to take much longer with a lot more effort. 

Who is this smart drug for? 

You can experiment with Alpha GPC regardless of your occupation. I believe it can significantly help people in their creative work. If your job requires you to stay alert or be original and productive for extended periods, then it will most certainly help.

I know for a fact many CEOs, developers, and even lawyers use nootropics to improve their performance and cognitive functions. College students can also benefit from the extended mental energy this smart drug provides. It’s recommended for authors, content creators, musicians, and even athletes. 

As you can see the list of people who can benefit from Alpha GPC is rather long. Do your extended research and find out if you want to try the effects of it for yourself. Everything we do requires our neurons to transmit information and operate undisturbed. Whatever task you may need to complete, Alpha GPC can smooth up the process and assist with achieving the results you’re looking for.  

How long does it last?

The effects of Alpha GPC on me lasted for the entire day (over 12 hours) up until I went to sleep. To my surprise, the ability to focus and stay sharp carried out the next few days, if not weeks. This doesn’t mean I felt like I was “on something,” instead it gave me the feeling of being capable and more confident. 

At least for me, Alpha GPC is a good reminder of what we are capable of when we concentrate and stop procrastinating. Even when the effects wear off, you get to keep the feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment. I personally felt proud of all the work I’ve done, and this is probably what got me motivated to keep on for the next couple of days. 

In a way, Alpha GPC is like a small push on the back that gives you the necessary kinetic energy to keep moving. Once you start doing the work you have to complete, you remain focused, alert, and dedicated. There is no “crash” or feeling of exhaustion and fatigue the next days.   

Any side effects?


Unfortunately, this drug will make you extremely productive, focused, and organized. That’s not ideal if you’re a sloth, but if you’re a human, there are no side effects. I also cannot recall any unpleasant effects, but I guess some people may feel trapped in their bodies. You may feel as someone else is controlling you, almost like a radio operated toy. For me, however, this feeling wasn’t harmful, and I enjoyed being a “work-ant.”  

The use of Alpha GPC is not recommended if you are on any other strong prescription medications. However, if you do decide to try it, start with a small dose. Remember, this post is only for information purposes. I do not promote or advertise the use of any supplements, legal or illegal. 

Always consult your doctor before you try any nootropics or food supplements. You can extract the most out of these compounds if you are careful and well-informed. I believe this drug is safe to use, but I know our bodies can react very different and side effects could occur with some of you.  

I would advise you to stay hydrated while on Alpha GPC since the brain needs water to function correctly.

Where to buy?


Have you tried Alpha GPC? If not, would you experiment with it? Let me know in the comments and share your experience with similar supplements and smart drugs.

You can purchase Alpha GPC on Amazon by visiting the following affiliate link. This way you support the blog and help me produce more free content like this one. 

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Elliot L’Angelier.



9 months ago

I watched your video, keep up!



1 year ago

Elliot, I found your initial review for this on webmd. I have tried Provigil. Nothing changed. I have had excessive daytime drowsiness for 55 years. Many days, the ONLY thing that helps me wake up is 5 Hour Energy Extra Strength. I am sure that I also have ADD, or maybe ADHD, and am a crippling procrastinator. Based on your webmd review, and this blog entry, I am going to try it along with Jarrow Formulas Magmind, which as you may already know, is Magnesium L-threonate. I will get back to you with my experiences either way. Thanks for your detailed report. I appreciate your post. D Morrow


Elliot L'Angelier

1 year ago

Hey there, thanks for the comment and for visiting my blog. First of all, I'm sorry to hear about your suffering so far and the fact that no compound seems to have helped so far. We all have to deal with a bit of procrastination from time to time but when it starts to affect our lives, it's time we find some help. I really hope this supplement will be the right one for you and I am curious to find out what the effects were. Keep me posted and good luck.

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