Dating advice for guys. Why is failure good for success?

Dating advice for guys. Why is failure good for success?

Elliot L'Angelier Nov 9, 2018 0 comments

What is the best Dating advice for guys?

The best dating advice for guys is to envision their success and appreciate failure. Let’s focus on the importance of failure as part of our learning process.

A key element in my dating life has been visualization. I have a pretty good idea what I want to happen in my life for the next decade. I continuously create different exercises to remind myself of my goals. And besides, I have a journal where I write down all my dreams, wishes, and expectations. 

Sometimes, I even print photos of things I want to acquire in the future, and I attach them to the pages of my journal. Therefore, I never forget what I want to accomplish and that I must keep working towards these goals. Most people consider it a waste of time because they don’t understand how the mind works.

Daydream more often

You can follow these methods to get closer to the girl of your dreams. Describe what she’s like on a piece of paper. Picture each other holding hands, laughing and even kissing. Additionally, you can spend five to ten minutes every day with your eyes closed envisioning you and her together. 

Try to create the scene in your mind as vivid as possible. What’s the time of day, the environment, the clothes you are wearing? Believe that this will become your reality. Our mind cannot make the distinction between an intense vision and a real experience which is why this exercise is so powerful. 

Afterward, you’ll feel better and more compelled to do the work that will get you the results you want. Then you’ll be ready for the next dating advice for guys. 

Prepare your mind for success

Dating advice for guys

Doing the actual work to achieve your goals is only half of what you should be doing. Visualization, planning, and journaling are as important as everything else on your list. 

The success must first happen in your mind. 

This rule is something many accomplished people understand and follow strictly. 

You must live and breathe your goals and spend each available minute of your time thinking about them. Doing so will build a healthy habit in your mind that will make it easier to follow your path. You’ll still have time to enjoy your hobbies, watch movies, and even play video games, but your subconscious mind will keep working on your life purpose. 

The method can be used for everything you wish to attain in life. Women, wealth, peace of mind, and happiness. If you’re craving female attention and meaningful relationship, then practice this method. 

Visualize yourself in a relationship, plan how you’d spend time with your partner and write down all the details of this “future relationship.” Live your life as you already have a beautiful, loving girlfriend and this person will soon come to your life. Certainly, you should not limit yourself to only doing visualization, dreaming, and journaling, but those can be your much-needed motivation to go out and chase your future.

Celebrate your small victories

Dating advice for guys

When it comes to dating advice for guys, I always point out the importance of our small victories. Remember the last time you set a goal, and you managed to reach it. I bet it felt good and you were proud of yourself. Setting goals, big or small, is an easy way to boost your confidence and prove to yourself you’re competent. 

Even goals like “This Friday I will go and talk to at least one girl”, Is something that if you accomplish, will have a very positive effect. Many people stop at the goal setting stage and never actually reach the confidence that comes with completing a task. 

It’s like a never-ending loop where the more goals you achieve, the more confident you get. Eventually, it becomes much painless to accomplish the next one. 

Failing is learning

The way to develop self-confidence is knowing that you learn from any experience no matter the outcome. If you fail the first time, the second will be more comfortable; the third will be effortless. 

Failure is fundamental. Sometimes I even wish I had experienced it more in my dating life. It gives such a valuable insight into what you shouldn’t do and what you can improve on. It’s like going through a maze knowing which turns to avoid and thus be able to find the exit sooner. 

I wouldn’t be able to have a successful marriage without my previously failed relationships. Each of my selfish moves, reckless behaviors, and disappointments in life, thought me a valuable lesson. You learn by doing. 

Imagine the advantage a person has if he has encountered a lot of failure in his life. It’s an incredible yet underestimated knowledge that we don’t even realize we possess. 

For instance, if I ask a couple of girls for their number using the same approach each time and I always get rejected I know I need to change something. So next time I see a beautiful girl at the bar, I know what not to do. Just think of the number of people who have no idea what doesn’t work and the favored position you’re in because of your past failures. 

Knowing what women don’t like and why they choose to ignore somebody is more valuable than knowing what they want. Being able to avoid a landmine means you’ll get closer to your target no matter what you do. Another essential dating advice for guys would be to cherish failure because it’s what brings us closer to success.

Learn from other’s experience

The truth is that you build more confidence from your failures than your successes because there’s nothing more valuable in life than experience. A 70 years old homeless person knows much more about life than a 25 years old Harvard graduate from a wealthy family. 

There isn’t a single university, a seminar, or a lesson that somebody can teach you that is more valuable than practice and know-how. That’s why it is so important to have respect for the elderly even though they might be irritating at times. They have lived longer, and they know more than we do. For this reason, it’s crucial to read self-help books

Book authors are usually people with a lot of experience and a broad understanding of the topics they write about. The goal of my book is to convince you to go out there and live your life to the fullest. 

No one could give you the perfect dating advice for guys if you don’t do the necessary work. With a little guidance, you destroy your fears and break your insecurities once and for all. 

Add more failures to your list

Think of your failures as “completed tasks” in your list of things you should do differently. Your setbacks are the building material for your staircase to successful relationships with women. 

If we take too lightly the importance of that negative feedback, we’ll miss out on a priceless experience. For the most part, we want to notice our failures, but not give them too much attention. This is the problematic part of the learning process. 

The lessons must be noted without letting them cause us much suffering or distress. And the only way to do that is by being aware of our feelings and prepared for any outcome. Envision your success but don’t be surprised if it doesn’t happen the way you expected. 

Life is not a one-shot journey. You’ll have plenty of chances to get the girl you want. Nothing in life is permanent, neither your success nor your failure. Therefore, people who give up on personal development and self-improvement do not stay satisfied for too long. 

You cannot get a girlfriend only by reading and dreaming about it. The best relationships happen when two people meet in person. Go out, be more social, and create new friendships. One day you will be the one advising your buddies on how to find a girlfriend. 

This was my article on Dating advice for guys. Make sure to also read my article on loneliness here

I’d appreciate your comments down below. Let everyone know about your personal experience with dating and relationships. 

Yours, Elliot L’Angelier!


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