Home Cleaning Routine for Guys. Women love men who do this

Home Cleaning Routine for Guys. Women love men who do this

Elliot L'Angelier Nov 30, 2018 0 comments

Why you need a home cleaning routine

Having good personal hygiene and being clean is important for everybody you interact with. What’s also very important is the way you take care of the place you live in. Your house must always be in order, and if it’s not, this tells a lot about the type of person you are.

No one would be happy to visit your place only to find out it’s disorderly and dirty. It’s unacceptable to have dirty floors, clothes laying around, and a sink full of dishes. Those are big red flags for any girl who is unfortunate enough to witness a place like this.

You could be the prettiest guy on the block, and still, most girls wouldn’t want to have anything to do with you. Women don’t want to be with a guy like this even if he’s handsome and successful. For this reason, you need a home cleaning routine.

Being a pig could ruin your date

Imagine you’ve hooked up with a girl one day, and then you invite her to your house. Even if you decide to clean your apartment beforehand, you won’t be able to do a good job. It's impossible to cover all the stains and dirt that’s been piling up for months.

There are many ways to spot if something has been regularly cleaned or not and trust me, people can tell. Unfortunately, those of you who never clean at home don’t even notice the chaos around them. They have a hard time realizing they have a problem until someone points it out. Girls, on the other hand, have a completely different way of seeing things and they like clean and fresh surroundings.

Therefore, if you bring a girl to a dirty apartment, she will most likely make a decision there and then, that she doesn’t want to have a relationship with you. Don’t be surprised if she stops answering your calls or text messages. She is probably going to say “she is not ready” for a relationship. Women would rarely bother to tell you the truth in this case. That’s just another way of respectfully showing you it’s not going to happen between you two.

My shocking experience 

<TL;DR>I had a quite shocking experience a few years ago when my wife and I moved to Germany. We had to find a place to stay quickly, and one of our friends there helped us find an apartment. It was a guy’s place who we’ve met once in the past, and at the time he was out of the country and agreed to rent us his apartment. We saw some photos of it before we arrive, and even though it wasn’t anything special, it looked okay for the next few months.

Sadly, when we first arrived, we were utterly disturbed by the state this apartment was in. To this day I haven’t seen or heard of anything like this, considering the owner was actively living there. To my surprise, he was a good looking guy who always dressed well, had a nice haircut and was frankly a very handsome man. I would never have guessed he was so messy and irresponsible regarding his flat (that’s how Germans call their homes).

We didn’t have any other options but to leave our suitcase in the hallway, go to the local supermarket to buy a lot of cleaning products. We spent the next few days fixing this place from the ground up. It was such a disaster that we end up painting the walls so we could cover some of the stains that were giving it a depressive mood.

The story goes on

There were layers of dust on the furniture, tons of garbage underneath the bad, and a lot of old junk everywhere. Now, when I think about it, some homeless people probably live in nicer environments. We bought gloves, face masks, tons of products and cleaning tools, plus a brand new vacuum cleaner. It was that bad; we couldn’t use his vacuum cleaner as it was in poor condition and also clogged with dust.

I remember I texted the guy on Facebook to complain about the condition of his apartment and ask why he didn’t inform us in advance about the situation. Surprisingly, he didn’t know what I was talking about. For him, this was an okay place to live, and by his standards, he wouldn’t call it dirty. This proves that we all see the world differently, but things like that are unacceptable. Needless to say, he had no home cleaning routine.

My wife and I spend the next two days cleaning the whole apartment, so we could feel somewhat okay living there. You may wonder why we didn’t go to a hotel or searched for a new place, but at that time a hotel would be too expensive. There was also no way to find an available apartment in Germany that fast. We had to face the challenge and work with what we had. </TL;DR>

It’s essential for your health

Of course, this is an extreme example. You will not meet a lot of people like this, and hopefully, you aren’t one of them. But it’s important to understand how essential it is to live in a nice, clean place. You must realize if you have a problem maintaining a tidy environment and do something about it. There aren’t many girls who would put up with a man who’s being a pig.

If you don’t have a good home cleaning routine, don’t wonder why girls are not interested in you. Long-term relationships begin when both the man and woman are acting like adults, and that includes being responsible for their household tasks. No one enjoys doing their chores, but it’s something we must do the same way we must brush our teeth and take showers every day. Not only you’ll make a good impression to everyone who visits you, but it’s also crucial for your health. It’s harmful to live in a place that has a lot of dust everywhere. This could cause problems with your lounges, skin, brain, and vision.

Clean place = attractive guy

You must be more aware of your surroundings and compare your home with this of other people. Is your place as clean as theirs, does it smell as good? Do you clean at least for a few hours each week? Some people have a difficult time seeing the obvious, which could be due to their childhood, or psychological disorders like hoarding, depression, ADHD, even low self-esteem and anxiety.

One thing is true—spending more time on your home cleaning routine will make you more attractive. You may have never thought that attractiveness has anything to do with cleaning your house, but it does—everything you do in life matters. Especially if you want to have a successful relationship with a girl, you need to have a home cleaning routine. You cannot allow yourself to neglect one thing or the other. Learn how to impress women in all ways possible. If you don’t do it, someone else will. Do not let that happen.

Here’s what you can do

Home cleaning routine for guys

The recipe for a clean and tidy home consists of only two ingredients—a habit, and a solid work plan. You cannot let piles of dirt stack in your apartment for weeks without doing anything about it. Build a new habit by taking baby steps and give yourself some time to rest.

Depending on the size of your place you will need to create a home cleaning routine that allows you to clean one room at a time. You can develop your own simple program and complete individual tasks every day of the week. For example, cleaning the bathroom on Monday, washing your clothes on Wednesday, and vacuuming the entire house on Saturday.

It’s a good idea to spend 10 to 20 minutes each day on making your bed and doing the dishes. Following this practice won’t make you work too hard, but will keep your home clean and fresh. Your smartphone can come in handy and help you with scheduling alarms and reminders in your online calendar. This will keep you on track, and you won’t be able to forget about your chores.

Do you keep your place clean? Have you ever had a bad experience with boys or girls who didn’t care about their house? Let me know in the comments what is your home cleaning routine and thank you for reading this article.

Elliot L’Angelier.


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