How to Impress Women: 101 Ways to Impress Her [Free eBook]

How to Impress Women: 101 Ways to Impress Her [Free eBook]

Elliot L'Angelier Dec 11, 2018 1 comments

If you want to know how to impress women or your girlfriend, you need to get this free eBook. There are certainly more than 101 ways to impress a woman. I believe there are more than one thousand ways to do it, but we should at least start somewhere, and 101 ways is a good start. 

Whether through a gift or a compliment, a vacation, or simply time spent together, make sure to surprise her and show how much she means to you. Do it often, and always remind her of your love.

Most of the examples on my list are universal and could apply to any girl. Some require a bit more skill and dedication, but none of them is impossible. My goal was to create a list that anybody can attempt in their effort to impress women. 

Do not think that you must accomplish everything in a month or even a year. With so many ways to impress women, you could easily stay busy for several years. Some of these examples will leave a positive impact on the woman of your dreams for a long time. You can repeat them as many times as you want, especially those small gestures such as giving flowers or kind compliments. 

This eBook has six chapters full of ideas on how to impress women:

  • Unique and unusual
  • Gifts and compliments
  • Surprises and adventures
  • Emotional and personal
  • Be a better man
  • Relationship goals and true love

Women will appreciate every single act of kindness. Nothing on this list is old-fashioned or embarrassing, so don’t make excuses! Enjoy reading my 101 ways to impress women and don’t forget to be a better man each day. 

Download the book here

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